Cheap,Unlimited MReseller Hosting Bangladesh

Key Benefits

  •     Up to 45 users per host – Fewer PCs to manage equals lower computing costs per user.

  •     Ethernet Connect - Classrooms, labs or offices can connect at greater distances through the local LAN.

  •     Numo 2 SoC – Provides PC-quality full screen video streaming.

  •     USB Support – Each device includes one USB 2.0 for support and two USB ports for mouse and keyboard.

  •     vSpace Server Software – Simple to install, easy to configure,

  •     vSpace Management Console – Client devices are easily configured through a remote console
M-series | for vSpace
3-in-1 Thin Client Kit for virtual desktops.

The M300 provides a simple, powerful and affordable PC Expansion alternative. As the industry's first 3-in-1 thin client offering, the M300 delivers a rich PC experience at 1/3 the cost of PCs and typical thin clients. With this breakthrough, NComputing uniquely delivers innovation that multiplies the value customers can expect from thin clients in a virtual desktop environment.

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M 300
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M-series Architecture
M-series Architecture
Globacomm Systems & Solutions
Globacomm Systems and Solutions
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